Films by Marc-Aurèle Palla

Short Films

Taste Of The Fields

A mysterious and deadly plague falls on the poor people of an Argentinian village. Bernardo, a reckless but obstinate teen, refuses to believe such a plague exists. Only when his girlfriend Camilla gets sick Bernardo begins to wonder where the truth lies. Doubtful until she is urgently brought to the hospital, Bernardo eventually listens to the truth: what kills everyone isn't a plague, but the effects of a compulsive overuse of pesticides on the fields.

Resembling a horror film at first, the story slowly reveals a political drama, with a clear statement against the overuse of chemicals in South America.

Taste Of The Fields was a short film project I started to develop with the help of an executive producer, back in the UK. The pre-production stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult political situation in Argentina in 2020.

Since then Taste Of The Fields has been put back on the shelf. But a new one emerged this year.