Frenquently Asked Questions

Tell me all about Fine Art printing

If you are wondering why I only propose Fine Art prints on my shop, and what the heck it is, here are the answers:

What is Fine Art?

Digital images can be printed using two main methods: C-Type (Chromagenic Type) and Fine art, also called 'giclee' (from the French word Giclée (zee-clay) which means 'spraying').
Not to be mistaken with 'InkJet' which only sprays but is not high quality.

Fine Art printing, unlike traditional C-Type, uses pigment-based inks, and acid-free paper (usually pure cotton). Since it does not dye the paper, it does not use any type of light sensitivity or chemistry to 'fix' the image.

Why choose a Fine Art Print

One simple reason : it's the best.
The result of a Fine Art print is a very high quality product : colors are vibrant, blacks are true, details are superior, and the texture can accurately mimic the look of any medium.
Moreover, Fine Art prints have an superior longevity and don't succumb to the damage of time.

Where can I print?

I personally work with Theprintspace for their attractive prices, fast deliveries and great customer services.

About the prints in this website

My artworks are printed on 285g Hahnemühle Pearl paper.
This 100% Alpha-Cellulose paper (made from wood pulp) offers vibrant color reproduction and superior details. It also gives depth to the image thanks to the satin finish of the resin coating.
The result is a Fine Art print looking like an oil painting.
Combined with giclee printing, your print will last for years without fading one bit.

Have a look at my artworks here
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